Aqua RO 5 Stage - 400 gpd

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RO-400 is a dazzling water purifier with a microcomputer framework and monetarily expected for private and business purposes. Kent 5 organize RO 400 gives sheltered, unadulterated water. RO-400 High limit/High Flow promoter siphon appropriate for nourishment handling enterprises, eateries, Hotels, fabricating units, schools, and malls.

AQUA RO -400/5 Stages

Stage 1 RO 400 Polypropylene silt channel — evacuates residue, particles, and rust.

Stage 2 RO 400 cartages 20' expels chlorine, natural contaminants, scent, pesticides, and growths. 

Stage 3 RO 400 20' Carbon Block Cartridge, expels remaining chlorine, broadens film life. 

Stage 4 RO 400 PCS 100gal R.O. Layer takes out up to 90 ~ 99 % of synthetics, metals, microorganisms, disintegrated solids and infections. 

Stage 5 Activated Carbon Filter expels any remaining pollutions from the tank.


Water RO turns around the assimilation framework adding to your water conditioner, you're giving your family the perfect and unadulterated drinking water conceivable. Invert assimilation evacuates a huge number of contaminations which are ordinarily in customary faucet water making your unadulterated drinking water taste improved. Water RO 5 Stage turn around assimilation framework can be guaranteed you're giving your family spotless, cleaned water that is so fundamental to their wellbeing. 


  • 5 arrange RO System with siphon
  • Filter Cartridge:
  • Working: Automatic
  • Water Flow: 200GPD
  • Voltage: 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Pressure Tank: 11G or 20G